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"A nail is a nail." We've heard this many times - but when you consider the fact that wood and nails are the only thing carrying your valued products, you better get the combination right. We make sure we use the correct type and stiffness of nail to ensure your pallet will stay together - regardless of the handling situation.

This circular ringed nail is used mainly on block pallets where boards are placed one on top of the other without any support under the joint.

The most common type of nail used in the industry, the continuous spiral or helix, grips the wood fibre as it is driven into the boards.

Nail Stiffness
(Determined by the Mibant Test)

Soft Steel
This is the most economical way to assemble pallets and the best choice if you're shipping pallets that you will never get back. The soft steel nail has a thin shank and virtually no spiral which can cause the nail to "pop" or begin to stick up above the surface of the pallet, puncturing bags, boxes and even drums.

Stiff Stock Steel
These are the best all around good quality pallet nail. Resistant to "popping", they offer adequate fastener shear resistance.

Hardened Steel
These nails offer screw-like holding power and are virtually impossible to bend under normal use. If you have a closed distribution system, this is where to invest your money.