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When choosing a pallet professional, you may want to consider several factors.

  • Is the pallet manufacturer a member of the Canadian Wooden Pallet and Container Association or National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (CWPCA or NWPCA)?
  • Do they have a reputation for quality? Check with some of their customers.
  • Do they offer SPEQ (Specified Pallets, Engineered for Quality) pallets - a quality assurance control standard?
  • Can they show you the actual cost per trip of your pallets?
  • Do they use PDS, a computer aided design system to engineer the right pallet for your exact unit load needs?

    Customer Service
  • What's their approach to customer service and delivery?
  • How would they deal with a potential problem with your order? Ask them, and check their references.

  • Are they a member of the CWPCA or NWPCA, the international associations of pallet manufacturers, recyclers and distributors?
  • Can they provide you with your material handling options?
  • Have they taken the time to learn about your specific materials handling needs?

    Unit Load Specialists
  • Can they provide services like pallet management, recycling, pallet disposal or materials handling consulting?
  • Will they help you manage your pallets, allowing you more time to focus on your core business?
  • Will they partner with you to help you meet the demands of ECR and reduce cycle time?